Phnom Penh Airport Informational Guide to Phnom Penh International Airport (PNH) - Non Official

Phnom Penh Airport Train

There is no direct train connection from the Airport. See the train options from Phnom Penh Airport:

Shuttle Train

Royal Railway operates the Shuttle Train. It follows the route between Phnom Penh Airport and the city centre.

It is actually the fastest way to downtown since it takes 30 minutes to Phnom Penh Railway Station.


Trains depart from Phnom Penh Airport parking area.


The Shuttle Train departs from the Airport and gets to Phnom Penh Railway Station in the city centre.

Please note it is an express service.


Trains depart every 90 minutes on 24/7 basis.


One-way ticket is $2.50.

Tickets can be purchased at the glass front house, where the ticket counters are located.